This week starts 26 October

The Adventures of Robert Moffat Saturday 31 Oct Film Premiere and workshop with Sunduza.
Please join us for free at 12.00p.m if in UK or EU and 14.00hours if in Southern Africa. The one hour film shot at the National Arts Festival in the Eastern Cape in 2019 will be followed by a panel discussion on sustainable theatre in Zimbabwe lead by Ethel Dlamini-Maqeda (formerly UZ drama), members of Sunduza and former members of Zambuko/Izibuko(Harare).
Please send an email to for zoom link by Saturday 10.00a.m. to attend.
Adventures of Robert Moffat
Saturday 31 Oct Premiere online

Also this week check out events at the Africa Centre

LIVE MBIRA CONCERT To round off our Black History month celebrations, we are delighted to present a Mbira music concert featuring a live performance by the incredible Gabriel ‘Sekuru’ Makamanzi on Sat 31 October at 3 pm. The Mbira is a traditional music instrument that is native to the Shona people of Zimbabwe. While the instrument has now had some mainstream exposure, it is still traditionally considered a spiritual instrument that should be handled with respect, only to be played by specially appointed individuals.
The event will be streamed live from the centre Facebook Page and we will also film and package it to be distributed more widely afterward. Gabriel or ‘Sekuru Makamanzi’ as he is affectionately known, will be accompanied by members of his Afresh Band to deliver what promises to be a thrilling and authentic traditional African music experience. Check link on website above.