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We are glad to post abstracts from our research days and other material that research fellows may like the rest of the world to hear about. Too often excellent research is conducted and remains hidden in libraries waiting to be discovered. Let the world know about your research interests through this site. We are happy to accept links to blogs or other regular forum to which you may contribute as long as the link remains live and contains one sentence illustrative of the link contents.

Links presented here do not represent the views of the Britain Zimbabwe Society or its members but are purely those of the author. They are not redacted or censored or necessarily peer reviewed for the accuracy of the information contained therein. Any queries should be directed at the author and not the webmaster.

Research Day 2016
A BZS Research Day overview_2016presented by Professor Diana Jeater(Goldsmith’s College)

Research Day 2015

Zimbabwe Economy- What Prospects?  Review by Brian MacGarry June2015
Beinart_Ranger_Achievement_reflections  Prof W.Beinart reflects on the Achievements of Terry Ranger
BZSTalk_Mazarire_Summary   Terry Ranger and the Historiography of Zimbabwe
BZS paper_Magaisa_20Jun15   The intersection between law, religion and politics

A tribute link to Prof Terry Ranger also below from the  ACAS web site  (published in April 2015):
Prof. T Ranger-a tribute by ACAS