Diaspora Theatre News

It may have gone unnoticed by many people that Silvanos Mudzova- Zimbabwean writer was awarded the 2017 Havel prize for Creative Dissent from the Human Rights Forum. This was for his play “Missing Diamonds- I need my share’. He is currently on an arts scholarship and professional writing residency at Manchester University. The Uk based Nehanda TV  broadcast an interview with him on 13 March 2017.


Lucien Msamati as Salieri at the National Theatre
Lucien Msamati as Salieri at the National Theatre in Amadeus (photo courtesy :NT)

You may have missed Lucien Msamati i the revival of Amadeus. He is currently to be found in the drama series “Black Earth Rising” on Netflix and in the new BBC adaptation of Philip Pullman’s Book trilogy ‘His Dark Materials”. You can also catch him in the new National Theatre production from september 2019 in Athol Fugard’s Harold and the Boys.

Meanwhile congratulations to Sunduza Dance Theatre from Bulawayo for recent performances in the South african National Arts Festival in Grahamstown(Makhanda) in their revival of  “the Adventures of Robert Moffat” following last year’s success also at the festival of “Voices from the Rocks, the Story of the Matopos”  based on the book from the late Professor T Ranger. History lives.