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We are pleased to be able to post some older Zimbabwe Review issues here for members on the move. The original Review is available in print form by post as part of the membership package. The editor welcomes reviews, articles, reports, obituaries and news of cultural events happening at least four months in advance for notification to members.

BZS Review March 2024

BZS Review December 2023

BZS Review September 2023

BZS Review June  2023

BZS Review March 2023

BZS Review December 2022

BZS Review September 2022

BZS Review June 2022

BZS Review March 2022

BZS Review December 2021

BZS Review September 2021

BZS Review June 2021

BZS Review March 2021

BZS Review December 2020

BZS Review August 2020

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BZS Review December 2019

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BZS Review November 2018

BZS Review_August 2018

BZS Review May 2018

BZS Review February 2018

BZS Review Nov 2017

BZS Review_August 2017

BZS Review May 2017

BZS Review_February 2017

Britain Zimbabwe Review November 2016(revised)

BZS Zimbabwe Review August 2016

BZS Zimbabwe Review_May2016

BZS Zimbabwe Review-Feb2016

BZS Zimbabwe Review_Nov2015

BZS Zimbabwe Review_Aug15

BZS_Zimbabwe Review_May_2015

BZS_Zimbabwe Review-Feb2015

BZS_Zim Review December 2014

BZS_Review June_2014

Britain Zimbabwe Society Newsletter_August 2012

Britain Zimbabwe Society Newsletter December 12-2011

Britain Zimbabwe Newsletter August  -2011

Britain Zimbabwe Society newsletter April -2011

Britain Zimbabwe Society February -2011

Britain Zimbabwe Society newsletter April -2011