Research and campaign Links

The Britain Zimbabwe Society provides a central network of links to other organisations with mutual interests in the Zimbabwean community in the UK and in Zimbabwe. Please tell us about your event or community organisation and we will endeavour to post a link on this site. Please note we cannot carry commercial advertising or links at the present.

BZS Research Day 2018
An opportunity to register in advance.

BZS Research Day 2016
We thank all our presenters for their time and excellent contributions.
RD 2016_programme_16Jun16
and also the report and summary from the event BZS Research Day overview_2016

For information on funding or support for higher education initiatives for Zimbabwe refugee academic please see CARA(Council for Academic Refugees )

Other Information Sources:

Chatham House

SW Radio Africa




Zimbabwe Government web sites

Office of the Prime Minister:

Movement for Democratic Change

Human Rights & Civic organisations in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe Human Rights Forum

Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights

Kubatana- NGO Alliance project

Mthwakazi Action Group

Silveira House- development centre

Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA)

Zimbabwe Women’s Network

Zimbabwe Europe Network

Other Uk agencies and UK based charities

Makomberero Trust working with children

Mopane Foundation International raising funds for orphaned children

Zimbabwe Education Trust    keeping children in school