The Research Day

This year 2023 our research day theme this years is on Religion and Gender and is on Saturday 17 June Please register on eventbrite through this link and check out the programme.

This is the concept note for the research Day on 17 June
the programme cane be downloaded here

Previous research Days Include:

You can find the link to the review of the research day BZS Research Day overview_2016

look at some of the participants  whom you missed:

Dr Portia Manangazira
Dr Portia Manangazira, Director of Disease Control, Zimbabwe Ministry of Health
Dorcas Gwata
Dorcas Gwata, Clinical nurse specialist on child and adolescent mental health and Zimbabwe Health Training Support
Dr Julius Mugwagwa
Dr Julius Mugwagwa, Open University, Innovative spending in health: evidence from South africa and Zimbabwe
Jenny Cuffe
Jenny Cuffe, University of Southhampton: When the Crisis out there becomes the crisis within:the story of three Zimbabwean families
Taurai Kadzviiti
Tara Kadzviti, advocacy officer epilepsy support foundation. What is being done to to improve care and support for persons with epilepsy in Zimbabwe?
Simukai Chigudu
Simukai  Chigudu, St Anne’s College, University of Oxford. Disease, Disaster and Denial:Cholera as the Site of political Contestation in Zimbabwe
Seth Amanfo
Seth Amanfo, university of Edinburgh: towards a Bilharzia free Zimbabwe
Roselyn Masamha
Roselyn Masamha
University of Hull, The liability of foreigness in a nursing education context
Annie Holmes, STRIVE, London School of Hygiens and Tropical Medicine, approaching HIV through structures and stories
Annie Holmes, STRIVE, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, approaching HIV through structures and stories
Diana Heator
Diana Jeater, Goldsmiths College. Presented a paper on behalf of Ruponiso Shire, on Zimbabweans in the Care sector.